Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning

Evidence supports that appropriate strength and conditioning minimises incidences of player and athlete injury. The important word here is appropriate. There needs to be structure to any strength and conditioning program and the initial step is always the screening process. If the foundation for movement is lacking in an individual, building strength on this is only going to lead to problems in the future.

Strength & Conditioning in Ireland

Here at Kerry Physiotherapy Centre, we use the functional movement screen as well as our clinical knowledge as physiotherapists to identify deficiencies in movement and areas of weakness and dysfunction.

Movements such as the squat/lunge etc. are transferable to sport and everyday activity, so it is important that these are done correctly. Deficiencies in these movements can lead to excessive loading of the joints, tendons and muscles that can ultimately result in injury. Don’t sacrifice technique for load and reps.

Any strength and conditioning program should be periodised. There needs to be structure and an end goal. Is the goal to improve power, speed or strength? Is it a 10km race in two months time? Is it a potential final or simply to lose weight and improve general fitness? Training should be structured into phases. Your progress needs to coincide with specific targets so that potential is maximised for that important upcoming event.

Training needs to be functional. Exercises need to mimic what your body is asked to perform in sporting activity. If we consider a simple sport such as cycling, the goal should be to be as efficient as possible. People probably think of cycling as an activity driven by the leg. However, with every forceful push through the pedals, there is a coinciding push/pull effect on the handles of the bike. Improving strength through push/pull activity and counter-rotation exercises ultimately leads to improved control and efficiency on the bike. Likewise in football, when you land from catching a ball or during kicking, you are performing single leg activities. Stability in these movements is key, firstly for injury prevention and secondly for performance.

Here at Kerry Physiotherapy Centre, we will structure your strength and conditioning sessions to your specific needs. We facilitate small group sessions as well as individual personal training sessions.

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